Legacy Circle Team Members

Kay Ackerman
Kay first joined AAUW in 1973 as a member of the Sterling, IL branch. After moving to Manassas, VA around 1978 she joined the AAUW Manassas branch and served in several offices and committees including branch president. After a move to Alaska in 1979 she became a member of the Kodiak branch and was the director of the Kodiak Women's Resource Center during her two years there. Her AAUW journey continued abroad when she was a member at large during her stay on the Shetland Islands in Scotland from 1981-1983. After a move home to Virginia, she served on the AAUW VA Board for 8 years as Educational Foundation and LAF Chair and then Public Policy Chair. She retired to Utah in 2008 and joined the St. George Branch in 2009, serving as branch secretary and resource development chair. She attended AAUW National Convention in San Diego in 2015 which inspired her to become a Legacy Circle member and a donor to the Charting the Course campaign. She joined the Legacy Circle team in the fall of 2016 and is excited to reach new members UT, CO, AZ, and NV.

Susan Barley
Susan Barley's AAUW journey began as a charter member of a St. Louis-area branch in 1970. She has been a member of her primary branch, the AAUW Ballwin-Chesterfield (MO) Branch, since 1984 and is also a member of the AAUW Greater Naples (FL) Branch. In addition to many elected and appointed branch positions, she has served in various AAUW of Missouri board positions and on AAUW national committees. Barley is passionate about the mission of AAUW and strongly supports AAUW Funds.

Liz Bathgate
Liz Bathgate has been a member of AAUW since 1973 and has found AAUW to be the most valuable organization she ever joined. She created an AAUW fellowship endowment several years ago, and meeting the woman who receives those funds each year continues to be such a positive experience. To ensure that AAUW would continue its work for women for many generations to come, Bathgate has included AAUW in her trust and is a dedicated Legacy Circle team member for Northern California.

Marla Kim Benziger
In her more than 30 years of AAUW membership, Marla Kim Benziger has held multiple leadership roles in her AAUW Deerfield (IL) Branch and at the state level, including AAUW of Illinois president. In recent years, she has held various fundraising roles at the national level and is currently on the AAUW Fundraising Committee and the AAUW Legacy Circle committee. Benziger and her husband, a long-standing AAUW member, have made a point of pursuing educational opportunities through their involvement with AAUW.

Claudia Gray
Claudia Gray joined AAUW almost 50 years ago and credits AAUW and our training for much of what she has accomplished. AAUW mentors in Oregon encouraged her while she held positions in her branch and on the AAUW of Oregon board, as well as positions at the national level. Gray is also one of the original AAUW volunteer leadership trainers. As both a branch and state funds chair, she sees her role as bringing a grassroots perspective to both the AAUW Fundraising Committee and the Legacy Circle Team.

Ann Gustafson
Ann Gustafson joined her AAUW branch in River Falls, Wisconsin, more than 40 years ago and has been an active member ever since. Gustafson was first introduced to AAUW at Macalester College at a graduating senior women reception held at the AAUW St. Paul (MN) Branch house. She joined the River Falls branch for conversation and mission-driven volunteering. Gustafson served as her branch president twice, once when her children were young and again last year. In addition to being active at the local level, Gustafson has served at the state and national level in various roles, including AAUW of Wisconsin president and AAUW Membership Committee chair. Gustafson says, "AAUW has always met a need for me and has dealt with the issues I was concerned about." She is one of AAUW's newest Legacy Circle team members; she joined the Legacy Circle in 2012.

Judy Horan
Judy Horan's 40-year membership in AAUW is proof of the value of AAUW and the pride she has in the organization. She has served in leadership positions at the branch, state, and national levels and has been a member of both the AAUW Board of Directors and the former AAUW Educational Foundation board. Her heart is in the development area, and she currently serves on the national Fundraising Committee. Horan's life motto is "Live, Love, Leave a Legacy", and so she is proud to be the Legacy Circle team member for Southern California.

Maxine Lampe
Maxine Lampe joined AAUW in 1977. She is a member of the Storm Lake (IA) branch as well as the Iowa eNetwork branch. She has served in numerous capacities including branch and state president. Her passion is advocating for equal pay and was part of a presentation on her story at the national AAUW convention in New Orleans. She recently served a term on the national Branch Program Resources Committee. To ensure AAUW's advocacy for women and girls will continue she and her husband included AAUW in their will.

Jackie Littleton
Jackie Littleton joined AAUW in 1975 and quickly discovered that AAUW is her passion. As an educator and historian, she is most interested in AAUW research reports, which changed the way she taught. Littleton has served on branch and state boards in Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas, and has served as secretary on the AAUW Board of Directors. She is delighted to know that as a Legacy Circle member, her passion for AAUW will continue long after she is gone.

Patricia Ross
Patricia Ross joined the AAUW Tulsa (OK) Branch in 1978 and joined AAUW permanently in 1981. As a member of different branches of varying sizes and interests, she has a unique perspective as she has witnessed both big and small branches accomplish great things. She currently serves as branch president in Daytona Beach, Florida, after holding the same role in Houston and Fort Bend, Texas. Ross also served in Texas and Alaska at the state level and has volunteered on several national-level committees including the major gift campaign committee. AAUW was named in Ross' and her husband's trust, along with their alma maters, because she feels such a strong connection to the mission of AAUW. As a Legacy Circle team member, she recognizes that there are many generous women who have quietly set something aside for AAUW's future, and she hopes to help honor those women.

Neola Waller
As an AAUW member of more than 40 years, Neola Waller has been privileged to serve her branch and state in nearly every capacity, including four years as state president. She spent four years on the former AAUW Educational Foundation Board of Directors and is currently a multi-state Legacy Circle team member. Waller's life has been enriched by all the opportunities for leadership, friendship, learning, advocating for women, and fundraising afforded by AAUW. She has a great appreciation for the AAUW mission and, as a Legacy Circle advocate, wants AAUW to continue for generations to come.